The finest Wedding products for your images

Our wedding collection includes all your images on USB, but we have also worked hard to come up with a beautiful selection of additional products; including wedding albums, art boxes and much more, to present your images in the best way we know how!

USB Boxes

All of our wedding collection packages include your images on USB; all beautifully colour corrected and at full resolution, allowing you the flexibility to print and share your images with your friends and family. Your images come in a luxury presentation box, personalised with your images and details on the USB inside.

Art Boxes

Preserve and protect your wedding album in a stunning Art Box. The unique opening system lifts the book and “offers” it to the reader. Finished with your details and images, this truly makes an impressive album collection to be proud of.

All In The Detail

With a choice of beautiful papers from matte to high gloss, thin or thick pages, acrylic or leather covers, all personalised to you, we can personalise your album just the way you want it so that no two albums will ever be the same.

Distinct Difference

Using the finest materials and latest printing technology, we are proud to work with GraphiStudio; one of the market leading album suppliers in the world. The perfect lay-flat opening allows us to use the whole page to display your images, including the parts positioned over the seam for a flawless and continuous flow.