6 Wedding Images in the Wed Awards for Expression Photography

Every wedding is unique and each venue offers something different to our couples but also us as photographers, which gives Mark and I the opportunity to be creative on each and every shoot. Whether it be the way the light falls on someone for a wedding portrait, or perhaps there is an amazing feature, which we’d like to show off. Or sometimes we just enjoy experimenting with flash and creating an entirely new shot, which no-one has done before. However they come about, we are always looking for exciting new ideas or shots to surprise our clients with and sometimes they win awards!

The Wed Awards is an international contest for Wedding Photographers who show innovation and creativity in their work. The awards are a monthly competition and less than 3% of entries submitted actually get awarded.

We are proud to have achieved 6 Wed Awards in the last 6 months and as such, we thought we would share these with you along with the images at the bottom, and as an added feature, share some of our tricks on how we achieved them! :-)

Image 1: Lake Night Shot at Leez Priory.

This image, like all of our award winning images was taken on a real wedding day. Jen and Pete had their reception at Leez Priory in Essex (we are a recommended supplier here) and Jen told us at final consultation that this was one of her favourite locations and that she’d like a picture by the lake. We thought long and hard about how we could achieve something which no-one else had done yet, and after a bit of fun setting up (we had a few practices before getting Jen & Pete into the shot!) we used a 3 light set up (2 behind the couple and 1 infront, poking through the tree to the left in a very precarious position, which could have ended up with Rachel in the lake!) to grab this beautiful moment. We love it because of the stillness of the image, the reflection in the water and the positioning of the couple in the the middle of the tree canopy.

Image 2: Moody Skies over Downhall Hotel

Jaime and James had some rather temperamental summer weather on their wedding day! As you can see from this shot, the skies were black with rain, which had been on and off all day! As the saying goes, “make hay while the sun shines” (or not!), Mark took this impressive shot of the couple to reflect the weather on their day infront of the hotel. Using pro lighting to expose the couple and the correct settings to expose for the ambient light, this shot is dramatic and true to the day and will add a really impactful spread to their wedding album.

Image 3: Chinese Tea House at Fanhams Hall, Ware (night shot)

Nikki & Sam were another couple of have rain on their day, but thankfully just in the evening! With just 10 minutes to spare before their first dance, Mark got this lovely couple to accompany him down to the Chinese Tea House where they were married earlier in the day, for a truly spectacular shot! Using a 2 light set up to illuminate both the couple, the inside of the house and the torrential rain, Mark braved the elements to take this picture and it’s another well deserved wed award, showing not only innovation and creativity, but also the dedication to achieve a great finale shot whilst getting soaked!

Image 4: First Dance at Parklands, Quendon Hall

We love this first dance picture at Lucy & Greig’s wedding. Its a punchy black and white picture with awesome lighting from 2 rear lights and a 3rd from the front. It works because the couple are positioned perfectly in the middle and the happiness on their faces couldn’t be better! A completely natural moment captured beautifully in Parklands marquee, showing off the lovely location and the fairy lights but also them on the big day. This is one of the pictures which is on our office wall, but I guarentee it’s also on theirs at home too! We are recommended by Parklands as one of their preferred suppliers and love being at this awesome venue on a regular basis!

Image 5: Blue Skies, Sun and Gazebo at Shendish Manor

Kayleigh and Rory had a scorcher of a wedding day at Shendish Manor, where they enjoyed an outdoor ceremony in the stone gazebo. Once the chairs had been cleared and the couple had enjoyed some time with their guests we took this lovely couple back to the spot where they were married for some portraits. We wanted to show off the beautiful weather, so we used a wide angle lens to capture both the gazebo and the sun high in the sky. We exposed for the ambient and sun, then lit them from the side (camera left) with our super powerful prophoto lighting. We love this shot for the awesome colour in the sky as well as the lovely interaction and closeness between the couple. We both shot various images at this location but Rachel’s was the best and credit goes to her for this award.

Image 6: Lake reflection at Woodhall Manor (A Suffolk Wedding)

This image was taken after the wedding breakfast when the sun had disappeared and the gardens were quiet. To separate the couple from blending into the gardens and to maximise the reflection, this shot was achieved using a 2 light set up (Mark did a little reveal on our Facebook page if you’d like to know where!). It takes considerable skill to use flash without it looking like it’s been used and Mark did this beautifully to achieve this stunning shot.

All of these images were taken during actual weddings and some under considerable time and weather pressures! We pride ourselves in making beautiful images in any conditions, applying skill and technical knowledge to get incredible results. If you would like to know more about us as wedding photographers and about what we can do for you on your wedding day, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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