Ashley and Luke’s Wedding day at Mulberry House in Essex was the epitome of relaxed charm and genuine happiness. Adding an extra touch of love to the occasion was their furry friend, Woody, who played the role of an esteemed guest throughout the festivities. Ashley and Luke exchanged vows surrounded by the natural beauty of Mulberry House. Amidst the laughter and joy, Woody, their beloved dog, enjoyed his special spot as a cherished attendee. His wagging tail and playful presence brought an infectious warmth, making the atmosphere even more laid-back and enjoyable.

Ashley and Luke’s wedding at Mulberry House was an occasion filled with genuine love and genuine smiles. Woody’s presence as a guest added an extra layer of warmth and charm to the celebration. It was a reminder that when we include our furry friends in our most special moments, it creates an atmosphere of joy and authenticity. Here’s to Ashley, Luke, and their four-legged companion Woody, for making their wedding day an unforgettable experience filled with happiness and relaxed bliss.

Bridal Preparation at Mulberry house
Bridal Preparation at Mulberry house
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Mulberry House Wedding
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