Bridal preparation is one of my favourite parts of the wedding day. As an Essex wedding photographer, we get an exclusive behind-the-scenes of the time, effort and energy, which goes into the transformation and vision of a “girl next door” turning into a bride and the reveal moments are some of our favourite!

Our wedding photography coverage starts around 2 hours before the ceremony for this very reason. A wedding photographer’s first stop on any wedding day is with the bride, not only to reassure her that her awesome wedding photographer has arrived, but also to capture the finishing touches of bridal hair and make-up, along with her wedding dress, wedding shoes and accessories before they go on.



Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes
Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes
Bridal Makeup Wedding Photography
Bridal Preparation Wedding Photography Essex

Many brides opt for personalised hangers and hang both the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses together, ready to be photographed. Bridal shoes are also carefully considered and arranged along with the dress. We’ve seen them all; from gorgeous Jimmy Choo’s to funky high tops and even wedding wellies for winter months!

Very few women want photo’s at the start of hair and make-up, but as the final application of lipstick is applied, the last minute touches of mascara and blush, these photos make for a beautiful start to any wedding album.

Usually, our brides aim to be getting into their wedding dresses around an hour before the ceremony, leaving enough time for their wedding photographer to capture some gorgeous bridal portraits of her, her bridesmaids and parents before heading off to meet the groom. Some brides choose their Mum to help with this, for a bit of private time before revealing the finished look to their bridesmaids, but our favourite reveal is always with the Dad! We’ve witnessed even the hardiest of men shed a tear after seeing their little girl in their wedding dress! We’ve even been known to join in too! The images below are from Chloe & Aaron’s Wedding at Down Hall Country House Hotel

You can see the full blog of their wedding day here

Wedding Photography of a bride getting ready at Downhall
Bride at Downhall

Allowing some time for your wedding photographer to capture portraits before the ceremony, undoubtably leaves you with extra time to enjoy your wedding day with your guests. It ensures you have beautiful pictures with your bridal party before your bridesmaids disappear to enjoy the hotel grounds, with your parents before they are descended on by your aunts and uncles, and of course yourself to capture and remember your beautiful dress and all it’s fine details. Just look at the beautiful picture below of all the bridesmaids and bride together at Quendon Hall and brides at Hanbury Manor and Gosfield Hall.

If you are interested in booking an Essex Wedding Photographer to capture your day, then why not drop us a message or check out our portfolio!



Wedding Photography of a bridal party at Parklands, Quendon Hall
Wedding Photography of a bride at Hanbury Manor Marriot in Ware
Wedding Photography of a bride at Gosfield Hall, Essex