One of the most fequently asked questions I get asked is about Confetti on your Wedding Day. The confetti line or gathering is one of my favourite moments of your Wedding day as they are full of fun, lovely natural moments & fantastic expressions. Confetti adds an enchanting flair to weddings, symbolising jubilation and new beginnings. Its vibrant colors and playful descent from the sky infuse the atmosphere with joy, creating unforgettable moments for both the couple and their guests. The tactile and visual experience of confetti showers brings an element of surprise and whimsy, enhancing the celebratory spirit of the occasion.

Before you buy your Confetti for your Wedding Day

  • Check that your venue/Church allows confetti to be thrown
  • If your venue allows it, check if there are any restrictions on where you can throw it
  • Confetti can be expensive so check with your florist as they may be able to help you with supplying natural petals
  • You can also purchase it online here but make sure its biodegradable as most wedding venues insist on this
Essex Wedding Photographer confetti shot

Alternatives to confetti

If you are not able to have confetti then dont worry you their are fun alternatives.

  • A bubble line is an awesome alternative

  • Get your bridal party invloved by doing a smoke bomb photo (I can supply these)

  • An evening Sparkler Shot is very populare and for good reason. Just check with your venue that this is ok and make sure you buy the long 18″sparklers, buy them here

  • Talk to your DJ about using a confetti canon during the evening party, this can create some awesome party shots (see below) or you can buy your own here

  • Some Wedding venues allows confetti to be thrown inside only, consider getting your guest to throw it over you as you enter your evening reception

Confetti on your wedding day Essex Wedding Photographer

Confetti on your wedding day Essex Wedding Photographer
Confetti on your wedding day Essex Wedding Photographer
Confetti on your wedding day Essex Wedding Photographer

Tips for the best Confetti Shot at your Wedding

  • I will normally do your confetti straight after your ceremony thereofore it’s best to delay serving your guest any drinks until after this as confetti in your drink is not ideal
  • Take a few mins to yourself straight after the ceremony, meanwhile I will set up your confetti line and come and get you when your guests are primed and ready 🙂
  • Don’t rely on guests brining Confetti with them!!
  • Don’t worry about bags or cones, just fill a basket or bag with a large amount of confetti
  • Have Bridemaids & Groomsmen on call to help with handing the confetti out
  • Consider snow confetti for a Winter Wedding
  • Consider having a kiss half way down your confetti line
  • Make sure you walk slowly down your confetti line as the tendancy is to almost run

If you want to talk to me about photographing your Wedding Day then just click on the this link


Confetti on your wedding day at Quendon Hall
Confetti shot at Garden Court Hanbury Manor
Confetti on your wedding day at Hanbury manor