Let’s talk about Wedding Photography Night Shots!

Capturing the magic of a wedding requires more than just standard shots; it demands a touch of creativity, especially when it comes to lighting or more importantly Wedding Photography Night Shots!  Elevating your wedding night photography with innovative lighting techniques that can add an enchanting and romantic atmosphere to your photographs is what I do best and you will find lots of examples of this within my wedding portfolio.

I consider myself one of the best Wedding photographers in the country, especially when it come to Wedding Night Shots. Not every wedding photographer either has the technical knowhow, the imagination or the dedication to go out in the dark to set up these beautiful wedding night shots, but I personally love to do them and over the years have worked hard to achieve gorgeous images, which have won awards and continued to wow my wedding clients and their guests.

As your wedding evening is approaching, I’m always out there wondering what the sky will do and how I can capture it and include it into your wedding photography. Whether it’s a moody sky with thick clouds, an epic sunset, or even rain, I will create you a beautiful finale shot, which are often my clients creative favourites of the day and the ones, which make the wall. My couples are none the wiser as I go out and set up and test my flash and by the time I come to find you, all it takes is a few minutes and you can go back to your party and wedding guests with an amazing wedding night shot in the bag!

Night Photography takes considerable skill with flash and also equipment too. It shouldn’t look like you have a flash pointed at you, but the light should gently wrap around you and highlight you both in the scene. Booking a wedding Photographer with flash experience is cruicial, especially for winter weddings when it gets dark early.

The video below is just a small sample of my work at many of the top wedding venues, Quendon Hall, Down Hall, Fanhams Hall, Gosfield Hall, Braxted park, Gaynes Park

Wedding Photography Night Shots by mark1530